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Fluid PowerIs Our Business


What Makes UsDifferent

Small guys can’t, big guys won’t.

Small suppliers don’t have parts in stock or engineering support. Big suppliers can be too busy.

get small hydraulic cylinder fittings

Hyspeco operates four Parker Stores, each featuring on-hand inventory of over 12,000 items, adding up to millions of combinations. Walk-in customers have hands-on access to a wide selection of products to meet each of their “right now” needs.


 Raising expectations

“Hyspeco has been great! From the moment we made the initial call Hyspeco has gone above and beyond to ensure we got what we needed when we needed it!”
“Other parts distributors wanted us to sit for days and wait for the parts we need to arrive. Hyspeco had what we need assembled and ready so we could fix our equipment and save valuable time and money.”
“They helped us troubleshoot the problem, then suggested a solution. Before we knew it our equipment was back up and running.”
“We give them a call and by the time we arrive our order is assembled and ready to go … Every time!”

In TheNews

Steve Sonner


For Steve Sonner, who has been with Hyspeco for more than 35 years, the most fulfilling part of his job is helping people improve. This mindset, as well as his passion for “excellence in doing everything,” serves him well in his role as Parker Store Retail Manager and Customer Service Representative. Previously, Steve was in

Buddy Tucker


“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” This is the mantra of Inventory Control Manager Buddy Tucker, who has been with Hyspeco for 14 years. The most fulfilling part of his job, he says, is “coaching and motivating others to do their job to the best of their

Jim Robinson


For Jim Robinson, a Technical Salesman who has been with Hyspeco for 12 years, the most fulfilling part of his day is working directly with customers. His daily routine includes making sales calls and assisting customers with their engineering and troubleshooting needs. The most challenging part of his job is finding new and innovative ways

Larry Hartley


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” For Larry Hartley, a technical sales representative at Hyspeco for more than 10 years, the most fulfilling part of his day is any time a customer calls him directly for help. “I love being able to help customers solve problems, but it’s even more

Tom Ross


For Tom Ross, a sales representative at Hyspeco for about a year, the most fulfilling part of his day is solving customer problems. “One thing I think we do better than most at Hyspeco is solve problems. Service and repairs, kitting and subassemblies, inventory management, our family is skilled in all these areas and more.

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