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Fluid PowerIs Our Business


What Makes UsDifferent

Small guys can’t, big guys won’t.

Small suppliers don’t have parts in stock or engineering support. Big suppliers can be too busy.


Hyspeco operates four Parker Stores, each featuring on-hand inventory of over 12,000 items, adding up to millions of combinations. Walk-in customers have hands-on access to a wide selection of products to meet each of their “right now” needs.


 Raising expectations

“Hyspeco has been great! From the moment we made the initial call Hyspeco has gone above and beyond to ensure we got what we needed when we needed it!”
“Other parts distributors wanted us to sit for days and wait for the parts we need to arrive. Hyspeco had what we need assembled and ready so we could fix our equipment and save valuable time and money.”
“They helped us troubleshoot the problem, then suggested a solution. Before we knew it our equipment was back up and running.”
“We give them a call and by the time we arrive our order is assembled and ready to go … Every time!”

In TheNews

What Does Hyspeco’s Service Department Do?

What Does Hyspeco’s Service Department Do?


We repair and rebuild hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, manifolds and equipment. We also have mobile service that we can travel to the customer location, take care of equipment repairs on-site as well as paint-maintenance type of equipment on-site. Where Is It That You Work Out Of? We have two full-service facilities. One is located
Quality Hose Assembly Using Parker Products

Quality Hose Assembly Using Parker Products


How do you make a good quality hose assembly? Whether it’s the hundreds of hose assemblies we produce here at Hyspeco every day, a one-off assembly you make at your shop, or an assembly made in our partner store, we guarantee quality assembly. In the video below, Kayla and Larry will demonstrate the quality hose
Our Unique Approach to Customer Service

Our Unique Approach to Customer Service


We try to provide customer service in a lot of different ways, and high-quality service at that. One of the ways that we do that is through our quotes@hyspeco.com email address. Whether you request a quote through our website, or just straight through to that email address, we get 90 percent of all quotes out within

What is Hyspeco?


In the traditional sense, we are a full-line Parker Distributor, a hydraulic technology center, a pneumatic technology center and a mobile technology center. We are a 100% ESOP Corporation with locations in Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas; Springfield and Joplin, Missouri; Hesston and Wellsville Kansas. But what a lot of people don’t know about us

Hyspeco wins “Best in Business” Award


Wichita, KS – Hyspeco Inc., a full line Fluid Power Distributor of motion and control components, has been recognized by the Wichita Business Journal as “Best in Business” due to their highly effective business practices and core values that make those practices possible. The “Best in Business” award is awarded to privately held Wichita-area companies