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Fluid PowerIs Our Business


What Makes UsDifferent

Small guys can’t, big guys won’t.

Small suppliers don’t have parts in stock or engineering support. Big suppliers can be too busy.

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Hyspeco operates four Parker Stores, each featuring on-hand inventory of over 12,000 items, adding up to millions of combinations. Walk-in customers have hands-on access to a wide selection of products to meet each of their “right now” needs.


 Raising expectations

“Hyspeco has been great! From the moment we made the initial call Hyspeco has gone above and beyond to ensure we got what we needed when we needed it!”
“Other parts distributors wanted us to sit for days and wait for the parts we need to arrive. Hyspeco had what we need assembled and ready so we could fix our equipment and save valuable time and money.”
“They helped us troubleshoot the problem, then suggested a solution. Before we knew it our equipment was back up and running.”
“We give them a call and by the time we arrive our order is assembled and ready to go … Every time!”

In TheNews

Josh Cogan


For Josh Cogan, Product Manager at Hyspeco for more than three years, the most fulfilling part of his day is servicing customers. “Helping people is my passion which I believe truly shows through the services we provide and the ways we provide them.” Confident in his role, Josh still remembers his first days with the

Parker Products Fully Integrated Into Colorado’s Carter Lake Hydroelectric Dam Turbines


Carter Lake Hydroelectric, headquartered in northern Colorado, recently benefited from a custom solution for their hydroelectric dam project, powered by Parker and Western Integrated Technologies.   Western Integrated Technologies, a Parker hydraulic systems Integrator, designed and manufactured two hydraulic power units for Gilkes, a global manufacturer of hydroelectric turbine generators — utilizing Parker components in

Kim Zavala


For Kim Zavala, HR assistant at Hyspeco, the most fulfilling part of her job is being able to learn something new each and every day — even after nearly 17 years with the company. Kim has taken on a number of roles during her time at Hyspeco. Aside from HR, Kim has brought added value

Parker’s Global Shield Coating Helps Municipalities Reduce Carbon Footprint


Parker recently revealed their latest advancement in green technology — their new NG High-performance cylinders complete with Global Shield Coating technology.   There’s no questioning the global impact of the “Go-Green” movement this past decade. Consumers are demanding, now more than ever, products that not only reduce waste, but more importantly, limit our overall impact

Parker Testing Capabilities For Packer Elements


Although some companies like to cut corners and push partially completed products to the market early, Parker believes in doing it right, everytime. Before any Parker product reaches the market it undergoes scrutinous testing to ensure its design and materials meet the product’s claims and exceeds customer expectations. This process is especially important for Parker’s

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