Below are links to many of the Parker products we represent.

Accumulators Gauges Pumps
Actuators Gearheads & Gearmotors Purifiers
Adapters Heaters Quick Couplings
Additives Hmi-visualization Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Adhesives & Sealants Hose Regulators
Air Preparation Hose Crimpers / Swagers Sensors
Controllers Hydrostatic Transmissions Steering
Cylinders Linear Positioners Strainers
Diagnostic Products Manifolds Structural Aluminum
Drives Motors Tools
Dryers O-rings Tube Fabrication Equipment
Extruded Seals Packings Tubing
Filters Pfa/ptfe Products Valves
Fittings Power Take Offs
Flanges Power Units

Below are links to literature and catalogs for many of the Parker products we represent.

Accumulators Gauges Pumps
Actuators Gearheads & Gearmotors Purifiers
Adapters Heaters Quick Couplings
Additives Hmi-visualization Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Air Preparation Hose Regulators
Controllers Hydrostatic Transmissions Sensors
Cylinders Linear Positioners Steering
Diagnostic Products Manifolds Strainers
Drives Motors Structural Aluminum
Dryers O-rings Tools
Filters Packings Tube Fabrication Equipment
Fittings Pfa/ptfe Products Tubing
Flanges Power Take Offs Valves
Power Units

Other manufacturers we represent

Air Logic Modular Precision Regulators & Manifold Systems
Pressure Switches and Vacuum Switches
Miniature Quick Disconnects
Plastic Fittings
Interface Devices
Alemite Since 1918, Alemite has been supplying quality lubrication systems and equipment to meet the needs of numerous industries.
Alwitco Air Mufflers and Parts Ejectors.
American Industrial Air and Liquid Cooled Heat Exchangers.
ASA Hydraulik ASA Hydraulik develops and manufactures high performance heat exchangers.
Baldor Electric Motors and Drives.
bijur Bijur Delimon International is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of various fluid dispensing products and systems. These systems range from simple single-point grease feeders to complex automatic systems that dispense oil or grease to hundreds of lubrication points.
Canfield Connector Canfield Connector is a manufacturer of interconnection devices, electronic timers, connectors, sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices targeted at the fluid power industry.
Daman Manifolds

Design and manufacture hydraulic valve manifolds and related products.

delta computer systems Delta designs, manufactures and markets single and multi-axis motion controller and accessory products for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed loop position, velocity and pressure/force applications.
Entertron Industries Entertron Industries-Embedded Programmable Logic Controllers.
flow ezy filters Flow Ezy Filters-Filters, Filler Breathers, Strainers, Diffusers
hedland Hedland Flow Meters, manufacturer of quality flow measurement solutions.
Ingersoll-Rand Industrial Technologies

Ingersoll-Rand; Tools; Lifting / Material Handling, Air Motors, Parts and Accessories.

Aro Fluid Products; Diaphgram Pumps, Piston Pumps, FRL's, Lubrication Equipment, Pneumatic Valves and Cylinders.

 laman Compressed Air Dryers
LDI Industries Lube Devices - Reservoir Accessories, Sight Glasses, Breathers, Vents and Strainers
Lenz Hydraulic Filters and Strainers, Reservoir Accessories, Pressure Gauges
noshock Pressure, Level, Temperature and Force Measurement Instruments, Needle and Manifold Valves Transducers, Transmitters, Gauges and Valves.
pinnacle Safety Sensors and Controls for Industrial Machine Guarding Systems - Safety Light Curtains, Safety Mat Systems, Ergonomic Palm Buttons, Safety Interlok Switches, Fencing, Safety Controller HUB
simplex Mechanical jacks & hydraulic high pressure, high force equipment up to 1500 tons.
smc The Specialty Mfg Co. - SMC valves are used in very specific applications such as water purification, chemical dispensing, photographic processing, carwash, automotive, medical, dental and beverage dispensing.
Strato Vac Vacuum Lifts, Venturis, Cups, Feeders.
sugino Self Feed Drills and Tappers.
Van Air Van Air Systems Absorbent Desiccant, Compressed Air Dryers, Desiccant Packages, Drain Valvesn Valves, Filter
Vescor Manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic reservoirs, hydraulic accessories, flexible couplings, oil coolers, oil filters, sight and pressure gages, tank magnets, motor dampening rods and dampening plates.
woodhead Aero-motive Balancers, Electric Reels, Hose Reels, Mobile Electrification