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Reduce Costs andIncrease Productivity

When you require multiple products combined into product kits, Hyspeco’s kitting services are a perfect fit.

Our warehouse kitting and assembly services will help you:

  • Reduce trackable inventory
  • Reduce production errors
  • Maximize usable floor space
  • Simplify your supply chain

State-of-the-art systems — Our advanced fulfillment capabilities help you manage inventory throughout the kitting cycle.

Efficiency and accuracy — Our expert engineering team maps each kitting process and builds in quality checks to ensure the accuracy of final kits.


Don’t NeedFull Kits?

How about pneumatic or hydraulic sub-assemblies?

Pre-assembled units can save you time and costs by reducing employee error, paperwork and inventory management. Whether it’s a filter-regulator-lubricator combo for pneumatic lines or hydraulic manifold valve assemblies, Hyspeco will make sure you have well-sealed units, packed carefully and delivered when you need them.
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