Repair Manager and Service Truck, Service and Repair where you need it when you need it.


Our field service and repair teams cater to almost any hydraulic, pneumatic, or motion control system.  Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week allows us to urgently respond to your emergency situation.  Our renowned customer service technicians are on call and can begin diagnoses over the phone.  With both in-house and on-site repair options, flexibility and quality of your repair is our #1 priority.  We understand that downtime can be costly and work closely with you to schedule, diagnose, repair and deliver a service that is designed with your assets in mind.

Hyspeco Emergency service truck racing into action.
Hyspeco teammate confidently standing next to a pump he just repaired.

Our Field Service team provides emergency on-site repair for fluid power systems.  With seven Hyspeco locations, our fleet accommodates a majority of the Midwest region with 24 hour repair service and preventative maintenance programs.  An experienced Hyspeco teammate will arrive fully outfitted to consult, quote and begin repairs on your damaged or broken machinery.

  • Update or Repair Hydraulic/Pneumatic Manifold Assemblies
  • Build On-site Hoses
  • Retrofit Obsolete Systems
  • System Water Removal
  • Streamline Machine Operation
  • Design New Hydraulic Layout
  • Repair/Inspect Cylinders, Motors, Pumps, Actuators, and More
  • Schedule Maintenance Plans

Please note that our field service abilities are not limited to those listed above.

Hyspeco employee using a large crescent wrench to begin repairs on a broken down cylinder.
Teammate metal weld repairing a customers machinery.

Our in-house repair department focuses on scheduling timelines that work best for you.  Our urgent quoting system allows for a quick diagnosis and prompt pickup of broken components.  Multiple Hyspeco teammates tend to your assets, working diligently to deliver quality repairs with your best interest in mind.

  • Build or Customize Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Refurbish Machine Components
  • Lathe Abilities
  • Weld Repair
  • CNC Capabilities
  • Design New Hydraulic Layouts
  • Repair/Inspect Cylinders, Motors, Pumps, Actuators, and More
  • Schedule Maintenance Plans
  • Tubing Capabilities

Please note that our in-house repair abilities are not limited to those listed above.

We understand that each client has a different set of requirements in regards to the health of their facility.  For this reason, we custom tailor a preventative maintenance program to suit customers specific needs.  These services can include filter services to ISO cleanliness levels, moisture removal of hydraulic fluids, emergency machine malfunction diagnostics, component repair/replacement services, and more.

To schedule a Preventative Maintenance consult, please click the “Get a Quote Now” button above or call (800) 234-1041.

Hyspeco teammate confidently standing next to his Hyspeco emergency service repair vehicle.



For 50 years Hyspeco has served the Fluid Power industry, striving to innovate the products and services that we provide.  Our repair team is extensively knowledgeable in health and repair of your hydraulic machinery.  Machine downtime can be costly, and we pride ourselves on the logistical ability to make sure your machinery is up and running ASAP.

Our preventative maintenance programs ensure that your most valuable assets continue to run smoothly and effectively.  Scheduling is customized on a per customer basis, and services include a range of options that include machine inspection, particle counting, checking hydraulic fluid ratios, providing analytical data, and more.  Contact us and let us improve the life of your company.