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Tom Ross


For Tom Ross, a sales representative at Hyspeco for about a year, the most fulfilling part of his day is solving customer problems. “One thing I think we do better than most at Hyspeco is solve problems. Service and repairs, kitting and subassemblies, inventory management, our family is skilled in all these areas and more. Give us a problem, we’ll get you the solution.”

Tom, who is responsible for generating sales and building relationships with new and potential customers, lives each day by the mantra Finish what you start! “Whether you’re trying to land a new lead, solve a customer’s problem or build a new fence at home — give it your all and don’t give up until it’s finished!”

Aside from Hyspeco’s highly-diversified product and service offerings, Tom believes that family is what sets Hyspeco apart from other companies. “We’re all family here and each day they inspire me to do more.”

During his spare time, you can usually find Tom spending time with his kids, golfing or outdoors with his dogs.


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