Construction worker using ingersoll rand concrete chisel

Construction Tools

Ingersoll Rand has a unique heritage in construction that dates back to the company’s founding in 1871. Simon Ingersoll invented the world’s first rock drill, revolutionizing productivity on the job site with a wide array of compressors, tools and related products that followed. He built a business and an industry with the power and tools that helped create wonders like the Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore. Those who followed him continued his pioneering spirit, adding tools for every job and new refinements, making them even more powerful, efficient and durable.

Backfill Tampers/Sand Rammers

Ingersoll Rand backfill tampers and sand rammers are perfect for compacting soil and sand in applications as foundry molds, backfilling foundations, pipework and cable trenching. These tools are built to withstand heavy use in tough environments and include effective seal designs that keep internal components free from dirt and grit.


  • Great for compacting soil for utility/municipal applications.
  • Durability
  • Plated piston and front-end seal to protect your tool, this Backfill Tamper can be used in the toughest environments. The sand-wiper seal prevents dirt and grit from getting inside the tool.
  • Realiablity. Thanks to a built-in lubricator, these tools are built to run smoothly and last, while extending overall operating life.
  • High-power output, you’ll be able to breeze through any job.


  • Ideal for compacting small sand molds in a foundry or casting facility
  • Built-in lubricator makes these tools run smoothly and reliably
  • Durable, with a plated piston and front-end seal to protect your tool, this Backfill Tamper can be used in toughest environments. The sand-wiper seal prevents dirt and grit from getting inside the tool.
  • Access. This tool is as lightweight as it is powerful, making compact spaces easy to reach.


  • For use in a standing position while compacting very large molds at floor level
  • The floor sand rammer comes with a long handle attachment that can be added for standing operation
  • Durable, with a plated piston and front-end seal to protect your tool. This tool is designed to combat wear and last through the toughest environments.
  • Reliability. Ingersoll Rand tools are built to last, and this floor sand rammer is no different.

Chipping Hammers

Ingersoll Rand chipping hammers are the top choice for light demolition work – including concrete and masonry removal – where you need a hard – hitting well balanced tool. A variety of sizes, capacities, and precision matched accessories allow you to match the best tools to the job, whether it’s for industrial duty, construction duty or heavy duty work.


  • Industrial Duty
  • The A Series chipping hammers are the definition of durability, equipped with a rubber buffer retainer and threaded barrels to extend the life of your product.
  • The A Series hammers have a lockspring retainer that makes sure the steel stays in place in place, providing extra reliability.
  • With a swan neck handle and long nozzle, you’ll be able to work in tight, and hard to reach spaces with ease.


  • Construction duty/4 Bolt
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Equipped with a steel cone, you never have to worry that the bit will fall out during production.
  • With the D Series’ tease throttles, you’ll be able to control the tool’s impact down to the smallest margin.


  • Diecast aluminum housing and a swan neck handle, these tools are as ergonomic as they are powerful and have an excellent power-to-weight ratio, making handling a breeze.
  • These hammers have a heavy duty front end featuring a threaded barrel and rubber buffered retainer for increased steel and retainer life, to last you a long time.
  • Outfitted with a long nozzle that allows the bit to rotate, you can expect the same result every time you use these hammers.


Ingersoll Rand diggers are used for medium to heavy density earth or rock-laden earth. They are also great for light to heavy demolition. These tools feature time tested valve durability in dusty conditions, making them one of the most reliable and requested tools in their class. Available in multiple retainer configurations, these tools include extra-long nozzles giving increased longevity.


  • Great for heavier digging, foundation work, pipeline and utility work as well as heavier concrete, bridge and brick demolition.
  • Diecast aluminum handle and housing, the 95 series is as lightweight as it is powerful, making hard work easy.
  • Built with premium materials, the 95 series can withstand harsh conditions and repeated drops without affecting its performance.
  • The 95 series is equipped with rubber buffer retainers to absorb shock and prolong the life of your tool.


  • Ideal for digging in clay, hard pan and frozen ground as well as horizontal concrete demolition, tunneling, and bridgework.
  • Tease throttle for maximum precision, coupled with a D-shape handle to allow access to tighter spaces.
  • Outfitted with a rubber buffer retainer to absorb shock and protect the tool, the 93 series diggers will last for years.
  • Side exhaust and steel cone increase user safety and productivity for better use every time.
  • Built with premium materials, the 93 Series diggers are lightweight and easy to use.

Jackhammers/Rock Drills

Simon Ingersoll invented the world’s first rock drill in 1912. Today, Ingersoll Rand continues the tradition with three families of rock drills. These tools can be used for either wet or dry drilling and are built according to the high standards for which Ingersoll Rand is well known.


  • Hole capacity up to 2 inch(51 mm) diameter, 18 feet(5.5 m) deep and up to in hard rock.
  • The JH40 has the ability to be used in both Wet and Dry drilling environments.
  • Durable: Tough enough for any workspace, the JH40 will become a trusted companion anytime you need a rugged jackhammer on the job.
  • The powerful JH40 series jackhammer lives up to the strength and power our customers have come to expect from Ingersoll Rand.


  • Hole capacity up to 1-1/2 inches (38mm) wide, 10 feet(3m) deep in concrete or soft to medium rock.
  • The JRD30 is build for ease of access, allowing its users to maneuver in tight spaces, and light enough to use when the occasion calls for horizontal drilling.
  • Wet drilling capabilities.
  • Lightweight, powerful and durable enough to stand up to the toughest conditions.


  • Hole capacity up to 2 inches (51mm) diameter, 15 feet(4.6 m) deep in concrete or soft to medium rock.
  • Sports directional exhaust, which expels exhaust air in multiple directions to keep your work space exhaust-free.
  • The JRD50 is tough enough to withstand harsh environments and repeated drops.

Large Drills

Ingersoll Rand large drills are ideal for opening and closing large valves or drilling large diameter holes with a variety of available attachments. Unlike their electric counterparts, air drills can be overloaded or even stalled without damage to the tool. These compact tools are also lighter, smaller, and deliver more power – with no brushes or switches to be maintained.


  • Heavy-duty drilling and reaming applications with hole capacity between 1″(25mm) – 3″(76mm).
  • The 22 series of large drills is strong but lightweight for increased ease of use.
  • All the Ingersoll Rand large drills come with side exhaust to keep exhaust air pointed away from you and away from your work.
  • No matter which large drill series you’re interested in, you can expect a governed motor that regulates air intake to keep these drills working at the peak of their power curve.

Pavement Breakers

Ingersoll Rand features a full line of pavement breakers that offer more power and fewer parts than many of its competitors. These units have been specifically designed in an effort to improve productivity, by increasing power, and cut costs by reducing parts and costly items that wear easily.


  • Ideal for medium to heavy, asphalt removal, demolition, utility work, and industrial maintenance.
  • Optional vibration-reduced flex handle of the MX Series provides vibration dampening in full 360-degree range of movement.
  • The MX Series has an exhaust deflector that will rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to choose the direction of exhaust air.
  • The MX Series can easily withstand the needs of any job. From handling harsh environments to repeated drops, the MX Series won’t let you down. The drop-in composite valves cartridge prevents rust, while the one-piece breaker housing eliminates the need for side rods and springs.
  • The MX60 and larger MX90 deliver large blow energy thanks to our Power-Strok piston technology.


  • For applications such as bridge deck resurfacing and lightweight demolition of concrete and asphalt.
  • The PB Series features a Power-Strok piston to deliver a high energy, high power output.
  • The PB35AL8 and PB35AS8 pavement breakers are ideal for lightweight concrete demolition.
  • The PB Series pavement breakers are strong enough for even the toughest jobs, with mufflers to cut back on noise production.

Rivet Busters

Ingersoll Rand rivet busters, also known as air busters, are versatile tools for applications ranging from rivet removal, tank cutting, and general brick or concrete demolition. Ingersoll Rand offers several models and accessories to ensure that you will have the perfect tool for your job.


  • Production rivet removal and heavy demolition.
  • 11001 Series of rivet busters can hold up to repeated drops and jobs in harsh environments without ever missing a beat.
  • No matter how many jobs you’ve taken them to, you can trust the 11001 Series revet busters to get the job done right every time.
  • The Swan neck open handle of the 11001 Series allows for use in the tight places for better and easier performance.


  • General purpose.
  • The 8001 Series comes standard with an ergonomic, shock-absorbing D handle for easier use in tight spaces.
  • Our rivet busters carry the promise of the Ingersoll Rand name – you can trust that your equipment won’t let you down, no matter how many times you use it.
  • The 8001 Series boasts a piston bridge safety mechanism that prevents accidental discharge for added safety.


  • Heavy duty rivet removal, tank cutting, and demolition.
  • From bridge deck work to rivet removal to general concrete demolition, the 9001 Series can take on any job you want to throw at it.
  • In addition to its versatility, the 9001 Series of rivet busters will hold up to repeated wear and tear in a variety of harsh environments.
  • Both 9001 and 9001A rivet busters come with an open swan neck handle for better performance in tight spaces.
  • Expels exhaust in multiple areas so it never interferes with your work space.

Spike Drivers

The MX60 and larger MX90 spike drivers deliver more blow energy to each spike than you’ll find anywhere else thanks to our Power-Strok piston technology. The drop-in  composite valve cartridge prevents rust, while the one-piece breaker housing eliminates the need for side rods and springs.


  • The MX Series spike drivers are powerful, but still easy to handle.
  • Choose where you want the exhaust air to flow with the MX Series’ 360-degree directional exhaust capabilities.
  • The flex handles of the MX Series provide vibration dampening in a full 360-degree range of movement, increasing maximum operator comfort and productivity.
  • The Ingersoll Rand MX Series spike drivers are rugged enough to tackle any job you throw their way.