Why shoot for the moon when you can reach for the stars?  Our engineers will provide the assistance and design needed to build any fluid power project to your desired specifications.  With 85 years of combined fluid power experience, our design team will efficiently and effectively usher your concept through to a finished product.   We are here to assist, educate and guide you through the quoting, design and build process.

Needing to quote a project? Let our engineers contact you and begin the review process for your projected needs.


We design custom machines for the aerospace, oil, gas, agricultural industries and more.  Our engineers pride themselves on ease of communication when it comes to your custom design needs as well as thorough about describing valve suggestions, psi ratings, flow patterns, automation options, and more.

3D rendering of a fully out fitted hydraulic power unit.
  • Particle Counters

  • Electric motors

  • Hydraulic Couplings

  • Pneumatic Valves

  • Accumulators

  • Cooling Systems

  • Filtration Systems

  • Analog Gauges

  • SensoNODE Monitoring

  • Program Logic Controls

  • Transducers

  • Human Machine Interface

  • Hydraulic Reservoirs

  • Weld Feet

  • Custom Brackets

  • Safety Relief Circuitry

  • Pump Motor Adaptors

  • Trouble Shooting Systems

Hyspeco engineers aiding each other in fluid power design work.


Every technical detail is crucial to the components and machinery of our industry.  Our engineers are standing by to guide our customers through part specifications, custom fabrication design, pressure recommendations, hydraulic operations, the longevity of motion control products, automation techniques, and have at least five Parker HSE teammates on staff to assist in electro-hydraulic system technology.  We understand that often knowledge is the solution, and are here to train you accordingly.

air logic control system.


Our engineer expertise extends all the way to the air logic realm.  We provide air logic design, systems, and components for almost any hazardous manufacturing environment.  Class I Division I/II certifications are far more attainable with pneumatic and air logic controls, let us assist in the development of your systems and we can be successful together.

  Make sure your hazardous needs are being met.

SensoNode technology, aiding in the monitoring of machine health.


Our ability to integrate program logic controllers, Delta motion control components, and touchscreen displays to your applications opens up a wide range of autonomous control abilities.  We can integrate remote control options into your custom designs, allowing for machine monitoring, data logs and control of the machine from almost any smart mobile device.

 Wireless interlinking integration.

Bluetooth capabilities.

Manifold welded to our hydraulic test bench.


Clean up your hydraulic system with a custom designed manifold that features Parker cartridge valves.  Our designs offer cost saving variables such as less plumbing, a smaller footprint, compact design, and assistance in mobile applications.  We focus on Parker based cartridge manifolds.

Hydraulic test bench outfitted with Parker flow control valves.


We provide a turnkey package of optional startups which include multi-system design integration (hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic components, Beckhoff controllers, etc.)  Configurations can be built to customer specifications that include IQAN systems, mobile digital controllers, a range of electronic control packages and more.

Custom hydraulic manifold assembly for agriculture manual transmissions.


This area of expertise is focused on diagnosing assembly line inefficiencies.  We offer a manufacturing process consultation in which our specialists assist in ways of system design, efficiency and integration of off-site resources that are proven to reduce on-hand inventory, overhead and labor costs.

Custom built hydraulic power unit awaiting its shipping destination.


With over 85 years of fluid power design experience and a knowledgeable fabrication team, there are almost no limitations to the type of hydraulic power unit that can be built.  Our teammates are here to aid in pressure flow consulting, integration of remote system monitoring tools, control system options and fabrication lead times of your custom power unit.

Quality built hose assemblies ready to ship.


Hyspeco Inc. offers limitless combinations of SPECIALTY HOSE.  Designed and built to your needed specifications, we provide hose assemblies up to 10″ I.D. for almost any industry need.


Test stands can be designed based on any of your immediate needs.  We aid in the consultation of needed components and pressure ratings to identify the proper specifications for your desired high-pressure burst test stand.  Large or small in size, almost any application can be met based on your specific requirements.

Complicated tubing assembly.


Our custom hard line tubing services range from design to mass production.  Prototypes, construction material, fitting types, and more can all be developed to your specifications with the assistance of our knowledgeable engineering and fabrication teammates.