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Parker DWV-8-A-2000 Relief Valve

Item #: DWV-8-A-2000

Product Info

Parker Hannifin

Parker’s DWV is designed to eliminate or minimize shock, surge, or overload conditions on hydraulic equipment. The need for anti-cavitation checks is eliminated. Relieved oil is directed to the opposite side of the relief (crossover) preventing cylinder or motor cavitation. It is recommended that the DWV be installed as close to the actuator as practical for optimal performance.

The pressure setting for the DWV is either screw or shim adjusted and is typically ordered preset to one of 4 default settings. Each of the 4 setting options have a usable adjustment range. Custom settings are available via contacting factory.


  • Compact low profile design
  • Cartridge style relief valves
  • High tensile, compacted graphite body
  • Fast response to cushion shocks and protect actuators
  • Rated at 3000 PSI with SAE ports and the maximum recommend actuator flow is 30 GPM
  • Standard porting options are 1/2” NPT and 3/4” NPT as well as SAE-8, SAE-10, and SAE-12


  • Suitable for various mobile applications


Aerial | Agricultural Machinery | Construction Equipment | Defense | Forestry Equipment | Marine | Material Handling Equipment | Mining | Misc Transportation | Oil & Gas | Other Mobile | Other Natural Resources | Rail | Refuse | Turf Equipment | Vocational and Municipal Equipment

Item Specifications

  • Screw
  • Mobile Hydraulic System
  • Hydraulic
  • SAE-8
  • 1250 to 2000 psi


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