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Fluid PowerIs Our Business


What Makes UsDifferent

Small guys can’t, big guys won’t.

Small suppliers don’t have parts in stock or engineering support. Big suppliers can be too busy.


Hyspeco operates four Parker Stores, each featuring on-hand inventory of over 12,000 items, adding up to millions of combinations. Walk-in customers have hands-on access to a wide selection of products to meet each of their “right now” needs.


 Raising expectations

“Hyspeco has been great! From the moment we made the initial call Hyspeco has gone above and beyond to ensure we got what we needed when we needed it!”
“Other parts distributors wanted us to sit for days and wait for the parts we need to arrive. Hyspeco had what we need assembled and ready so we could fix our equipment and save valuable time and money.”
“They helped us troubleshoot the problem, then suggested a solution. Before we knew it our equipment was back up and running.”
“We give them a call and by the time we arrive our order is assembled and ready to go … Every time!”

In TheNews

Hose Installation Best Practices


More often than not, engineering efforts focus on developing new ways to design and manufacture products that satisfy application requirements as inexpensively as possible. However, it is possible to improve a design by making it more reliable and easier to maintain ― without spending a ton of money.   A recent article by Parker discusses

New Parker ‘Smart Cylinder” line Enhanced With Intellinder™ Sensor


Parker Hannifin has developed a new line of “smart cylinders” enhanced with the new Intellinder™ sensor, eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming steps, such as adding structures to hold multiple sensors to the cylinder’s exterior or develop processes to keep the rod from turning.   Key features include: A unique positional bar code pattern etched

Preventative Maintenance Program


Hyspeco is here to help you develop a preventative maintenance program that incorporates contamination measurement and control protocols as the first line of defense in reducing failure of your hydraulic systems. Learn more about this program here.
Hyspeco’s Production Department

Hyspeco’s Production Department


We’re here this afternoon with Buddy Tucker, the production manager for Hyspeco. Buddy, would you discuss for us some of the capabilities that you have? Well, in addition to the thousands of hose assemblies that we make, we also do custom tube assemblies. We have two CNC tube benders here that we operate on a
Hyspeco’s Parker Stores

Hyspeco’s Parker Stores


Here at Hyspeco we have four Parker Stores, with one at each of our locations in Kansas City, Springfield, Joplin and Wichita. One of the major features of our Parker Store is our hose assemblies. You come in with a hose that needs repaired. We have a wide variety of hoses with psi ratings and

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