Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does the My Account Portal do? 

Your My Account portal is your resource for all of your account information with Hyspeco. On this page of our site, you will find information such as Order Tracking, Order History, Invoice History, Frequently Purchased Items, and more. 

For more information about what your My Account portal can do, download our My Account User Guide

What is my Favorites List? 

Favorites lists are a quick way to mark items that you plan to order frequently or want to be able to easily find. 

For mote information on how to use your Favorites List, download our Favorites List User Guide

How do I pay my Invoice? 

Our website allows you to pay invoices online using our Invoice Payments portal. You can pay invoices online using credit cards or e-checks. We charge a 3% processing fee for all invoice payments using credit cards. We do not charge a processing fee for invoice payments made with e-checks.

For mote information on how to pay your invoice and access your Invoice Payments portal, download our Invoice Payments User Guide

What is an Order Template? 

Order templates are a quick way to manage items you plan to order frequently. You can create multiple Order Templates so that you can have different lists of items you purchase. 

Order Templates are a great way to create collections of items you purchase. For example, if you have work trucks that you expect to stock with certain items, you could create an order template for each truck. If you have different groups of items (e.g. safety, supplies, janitorial, medical, first aid, etc.) that you order, you can add items to an order template to make it easy to find them in the future. 

Order Templates serve as a great way to easily find and group items, view their purchase history, and make a purchase quickly and easily. 

For mote information about Order Templates, download our Order Templates User Guide

Is there a way to easily order a large number of items? 

If you have a large number of items to order, the Upload Order function is a convenient way to add a lot of items into a cart without having to search for each item. 

The Upload Order function uses Excel templates to help you format your order. You can download the templates from the Upload Order page by clicking on one of the template download links.

* Note, the order template is a very simple format requiring the part number and quantity. 

For mote information about Order Uploads, download our Order Upload User Guide

How do I reset my password? 

If you forget your password and need to reset it, our website provides the ability to handle this without the need for our staff to reset your password.

* Note, our staff cannot see your password, but we do have the ability to reset your password for you after we verify your identity.

For mote information about how to reset your password, download our Password Reset User Guide

What is a Wish List? 

Wish Lists are an easy way to generate a list of items for reference later.

Wish lists are commonly used to create a group of items for a job or other project. Wish lists allow you to add items to the list and include a quantity and a note. This is especially useful for buyers that need to build a list of items for a project, keep track of the quantity needed, and have the ability to include additional information about the item for the project in the form of a note. 

You can create multiple wish lists to accommodate multiple projects or groups. 

For mote information about Wish Lists, download our Wish List User Guide

What is a Quick Order? 

The Quick Order page is useful when you know the part numbers you want to order and want the fastest way to add them to a cart. 

Using the Quick Order system, you can enter part number and quantities in the provided boxes. As you enter a part number, our website will validate that part number, fill in the description, pricing, and availability of the item.

For mote information about Quick Order, download our Quick Order User Guide

Can I add items to places other than my Shopping Cart? 

Our website allows you to quickly add items to various shopping tools from search results, your My Account portal, and other areas around the site. 

You can items to your Shopping Cart, Quote, Favorites List, Order Template, and Wish List.

For mote information about adding items, download our Add To User Guide