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Hyspeco's Automation department is a dynamic hub of innovation and expertise. With a reputation for excellence, Hyspeco continues to lead the way in creating cutting-edge solutions that drive progress and success for our clients.

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Hoses & Fittings

As a certified Parker Connectors Technology Center, Hyspeco delivers expertise across the complete line of Parker Fluid Connector products, including Hoses and Industrial Hoses, Quick Couplings, Adapters, Clamps, Tube Fitting, and Parflex product lines.

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As a certified Parker Hydraulic Technology Center, we offer advanced system design and technology services like diagnostics, troubleshooting, computer design, testing, and integrating electronic controls into systems. 

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Lubrication Systems

As a Centralized Lubrication Specialists certified by both Graco and SKF Lincoln, Hyspeco provides both the products and the application assistance required to make your project successful.

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Manufacturing & Kitting

Hyspeco's light manufacturing and assembly capabilities, including kitting services, are marked by precision and efficiency. With state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians, we excel in producing intricate components and assemblies for various industries.

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Hyspeco is a leading player in the field of pneumatic products as a Tier One Pneumatic Technology Center. With a history steeped in innovation and a commitment to excellence, Hyspeco has established itself as a trusted partner in the pneumatic industry.

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Repair & Calibration

Hyspeco excels in hydraulic and pneumatic repair, along with precise tool calibration services. Our skilled technicians ensure fluid-power equipment functions optimally, while calibration guarantees tool accuracy.

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Tools & Material Handling

We are a full-service provider for both our tool and overhead lifting businesses. Some of the services provided include application assistance, plant demonstrations, integration, special tools, and training.

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