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Hydraulic System Accessories

We offer an extensive array of hydraulic system solutions that are coupled with industry expertise that spans decades. Shop our large-scale selections of hydraulic cylinders, actuators, system components, gear pumps, piston pumps, motors, breathers, quick couplings, valves, filters, accessories, and more.

What is Fluid Power?

Fluid power surpasses traditional power-transmission technologies with its unparalleled power density. Embracing two fundamental categories, hydraulic systems use the force of liquids like water and oil, while pneumatic systems use the energy of compressed gases such as air. This distinction emphasizes the versatility and efficiency that fluid power brings to diverse applications, setting it apart as a dynamic and superior force in modern engineering.

What Are Hydraulics and How Do They Work?

Hydraulic systems are mechanical systems that utilize the power of pressurized fluid, typically oil, to transmit force and control motion. These systems start with a hydraulic pump that pulls fluid from a reservoir to generate hydrostatic pressure by moving the fluid into hydraulic cylinders or motors. The cylinders or motors then convert this hydraulic pressure into mechanical work that flows through a network of pipes or hydraulic hoses. Known for their ability to handle heavy loads, provide precise control, and operate in various industries, the use of hydraulic systems plays a crucial role in applications such as construction equipment, manufacturing machinery, refuse, and aircraft control systems.

Supercharge Your Operations with Parker Hannifin Hydraulics

Parker Hannifin hydraulics represent a height of innovation and reliability in fluid power technology. With a diverse range of components such as hydraulic valves, pumps and cylinders, adapters, accumulators, actuators, and filtration systems, Parker Hannifin ensures optimal performance and precision in hydraulic applications. Significantly enhancing productivity and reliability, Parker Hannifin hydraulics excel in delivering seamless control, efficient power transmission, and vigorous solutions. Their role is essential in elevating operational efficiency and performance across diverse industry applications like manufacturing, aerospace, and automation. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, Parker Hannifin consistently delivers hydraulic components that set industry standards.

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Ball Valves

Designed for precise control, reliability, and durability, Parker Hannifin ball valves are essential for applications in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and industrial automation. Engineered to regulate the flow of liquids and gases seamlessly, these valves feature a ball closure mechanism that can be rotated to either allow or block the flow through a valve.

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Cartridge Valves

Parker Hannifin cartridge valves are compact hydraulic components designed to regulate, control, and direct fluid flow within hydraulic systems. Inserted into manifold blocks or valve bodies, these valves offer precise control over flow rates, pressure, and direction, thus optimizing the performance and efficiency of your hydraulic systems. With their modular design and versatility, Parker Hannifin cartridge valves enable customization and integration into various applications across industries such as aerospace, construction, agriculture, and manufacturing.

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Directional Valves

Parker Hannifin directional valves are key components in hydraulic systems that control the flow direction of hydraulic fluid. Regulating the path of fluid flow, these valves allow fluids to move in specific directions within your system to activate or deactivate various hydraulic functions. Whether it's diverting fluid to actuate hydraulic cylinders, controlling the movement of hydraulic motors, or directing flow in complex hydraulic circuits, Parker Hannifin directional valves ensure precise and reliable fluid control, enabling efficient operation of machinery and equipment across industries such as manufacturing, construction, and agriculture.

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Parker Hannifin hydraulic filtration systems are designed to remove contaminants and maintain the cleanliness of hydraulic fluid within hydraulic systems. By capturing particles, water, and other impurities, these filtration systems help prevent damage to your hydraulic equipment and components, reduce wear and tear, and extend the lifespan of your systems. Their hydraulic filtration solutions ensure optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency of hydraulic systems across various industries, including manufacturing, construction, aerospace, and automotive.

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Fluid Control Valves

Designed to regulate, control, and direct the flow of liquids and gases, Parker Hannifin fluid control valves are essential components for your fluid handling systems. These valves enable precise adjustment of flow rates, pressure levels, and direction, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in various applications. Whether it's managing the flow of water, chemicals, or gases in industrial processes, HVAC systems, or fluid power applications, Parker Hannifin fluid control valves offer reliable and accurate fluid management solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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Gauges & Accessories

Parker Hannifin hydraulic gauges and accessories are vital for monitoring and measuring hydraulic system parameters such as pressure, temperature, and flow rates. These components provide crucial feedback to your operators and engineers, enabling you to assess system performance, diagnose issues, and ensure optimal operation. We offer a range of Parker Hannifin accessory lines such as adapters, fittings, and hoses that complement hydraulic gauges, facilitating their installation, calibration, and integration into hydraulic systems with ease and precision.

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Manifolds & Subplates

Acting as centralized distribution hubs within your hydraulic systems, Parker Hannifin hydraulic manifolds facilitate the control and routing of hydraulic fluid to various components. These manifolds streamline fluid flow by consolidating multiple valves, cylinders, and other hydraulic components into a single, compact unit. By optimizing fluid routing and minimizing potential leak points, Parker Hannifin hydraulic manifolds enhance your system efficiency, reliability, and performance while providing precise fluid control with a compact design that is critical for applications in industrial machinery, mobile equipment, aerospace, and automotive systems.

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Mobile Valves

Parker Hannifin mobile valves are specialized hydraulic components designed for use in mobile equipment applications such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, and material handling vehicles. These valves regulate fluid flow, pressure, and direction within your hydraulic systems to control the movement of mobile equipment functions like steering, lifting, and propulsion. Parker Hannifin mobile valves are engineered for ruggedness, reliability, and precise control, ensuring optimal performance and safety in demanding operating conditions encountered by mobile machinery.

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Motors (Geroter & Gear)

Offering dependable power transmission solutions for a wide range of hydraulic systems, Parker Hannifin hydraulic motors are mechanical devices that convert hydraulic pressure into rotational mechanical motion. By utilizing the energy from pressurized hydraulic fluid, these hydraulic motors drive rotational motion efficiently and reliably, making them integral components in industries ranging from construction and manufacturing to agriculture and aerospace. We offer a range of hydraulic motors including geroter motors that utilize an internal gear and orbiting gear mechanism to generate torque, as well as gear motors that operate using interlocking gears.

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Proportional & Servo Valves

Parker Hannifin proportional and servo valves are advanced hydraulic control valves that precisely regulate the flow, pressure, and direction of hydraulic fluid within a system. Proportional valves modulate the flow or pressure of hydraulic fluid in proportion to an input signal, allowing for precise control of your hydraulic functions such as speed, position, and force. Servo valves are even more precise, employing feedback mechanisms to maintain precise control over hydraulic systems, making them ideal for applications requiring high levels of accuracy and responsiveness, such as industrial automation, aerospace, and robotics. Both play crucial roles in enhancing the efficiency, performance, and controllability of hydraulic systems across various industries.

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Pumps (Gear, Piston, & Vane)

Parker Hannifin hydraulic pumps are vital components in hydraulic systems, responsible for generating hydraulic pressure to power various machinery and equipment. These pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy by pressurizing hydraulic fluid in order to perform tasks such as lifting, pushing, or rotating mechanical components. Whether it's piston, gear, vane, or other types, we offer a range of Parker Hannifin hydraulic pump lines, providing you with reliable and efficient power transmission solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, including construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and agriculture.

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Relief & Pressure Control Valves

Designed to maintain safe operating pressures, Parker Hannifin relief and pressure control valves are crucial components in your hydraulic systems, protecting system components from damage due to excessive pressure. Relief valves monitor the system pressure and divert excess fluid flow back to the reservoir once it exceeds a predetermined threshold in order to prevent over-pressurization, while pressure control valves regulate the system pressure within desired limits by modulating the flow of hydraulic fluid. Together, these valves ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of hydraulic systems in various industries, from manufacturing and construction to aerospace and automotive.

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Leveraging Our Hydraulic Solutions to Empower Your Operations

Hyspeco is a Full-Service Fluid Power Industrial Distributor.

Hyspeco is a Full-Service Fluid Power Industrial Distributor. Parker Hannifin, the largest fluid power manufacturer in the world, designates Hyspeco as a Tri-Technology distributor, showing that we are Best in Class as a Parker Full Line Hydraulic Technology Center, Pneumatic Technology Center Tier 1, and Fluid Connector Technology Specialists. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor when it comes to Fluid Power, and to assist you in applying and supporting the products we sell.

As a certified Parker Hydraulic Technology Center, Hyspeco serves as a one-stop-shop for hydraulic solutions. With a vast inventory of top-tier products and a wide range of services like engineering, hydraulic power units, training, aerospace ground support equipment, and in-house fabrication, we ensure that our customers have access to a comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions.

At Hyspeco, we custom design and build hydraulic power units to meet your specific application requirements. System designs can be as simple as a single manually actuated control valve, to highly complex systems with proportional/servo multi-axis control loops. We design and build systems to operate with a variety of fluids, like mineral based hydraulic oil, water-glycol, synthetic poly-ester, vegetable oil, and Skydrol, to meet your 

application’s needs. These units are tested in-house before shipment to ensure that the system functions as designed, while also helping to reduce installation and start-up times when they arrive at your workplace.

We also offer a wide variety of fabrication and industrial production services to meet your hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical control needs. With quality and cost efficiency in mind, our fabrication teams work diligently with our engineers to assemble components and systems to fit your exact needs and applications.

Our combination of technical expertise, reliable service, and dedication to meeting diverse industry needs proves we’re the go-to distributor for those seeking high-performance hydraulic components and systems.

Our Services


With quality and cost efficiency in mind, our fabrication teams work diligently to assemble components and systems to fit your exact needs.

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With today's complex machinery and equipment, every technical detail and component is critical for efficient and safe operation. 

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Built with rising professionals in mind, our training curriculum provides the standard principles of hydraulics to students. 

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Service & Repair

Machine downtime can be costly, which is why we pride ourselves on the logistical ability to make sure your machinery is up and running as soon as possible.

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On-Site Consulting

Knowledgeable in almost every aspect of Hydraulic/Pneumatic equipment, our consulting services are available for any fluid power situation.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Our VMI specialists assist in building an inventory stock out system that's proven to reduce on-hand inventory and company overhead.

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For all of your hydraulic system requirements, components, or supplies, Hyspeco’s got you covered. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts and let us help you get your project back on track.

Customer Testimonials

Having the local support and knowledge of Hyspeco has been extremely valuable to our company's maintained performance and operation. Knowing there is someone that can come on-site and help troubleshoot and determine the best solution to maintain and restore our equipment, along with the training and information provided, is priceless.


We at American Pulverizer have had great success with Hyspeco as a supplier of cylinders, power units, and technical expertise for over 20 years. They are an asset when dealing with unknowns associated with the start ups of our shredding systems and have always gone beyond the call of duty to get our end users up and operating. Our sales, engineering, and field service people have complete confidence in their workmanship and expertise.