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Tool Repair

Hyspeco specializes in tool repair and warranty. Our master technicians have over 25 years of experience in the tool repair and warranty business. We’ll even come out and pick up all of the tools you need to be repaired in less than 48 hours, so we can get them repaired or calibrated like new, so you have zero downtime in your production lines.

We repair non-working industrial air motors, DC electric tools, drills, impacts, grinders, tappers, and any other related parts and accessories.

Hyspeco sells new, used, and rebuilt tools, parts, and accessories. Our specialty is Ingersoll Rand tools, but we can often find you deals on most major brands of handheld pneumatic tools as well, either new, used, or rebuilt, and even obsolete tools, parts, and accessories.

Tool Calibration

When clients need calibration services, they are available at our laboratory.

Our capabilities include:

  • ISO 5393 Certificates of Calibration for rotary power tools.
  • ISO 6789 Certificates of Calibration for Click wrenches.
  • Data Archiving and push notifications.

Hoist Repair, Inspection and Load Testing

Hyspeco specializes in tool repair and authorized warranty service. Our factory-trained and certified technicians have over 35 years of experience. Service is a core business for Hyspeco, Inc. We have the tools needed to tailor a program to fit your company’s specific needs. Advantages of sending your tool and hoist repair business to Hyspeco include parts inventory for immediate delivery, a tool pick up and drop off delivery service, and our 48-hour quotation response promise.

We repair hoists, winches, balancers, small and large air motors, impact wrenches, riveters, chipping hammers, scalers, diggers, rock drills, paving breakers, C riveters, pulse tools, grinders, sanders, drill motors, self-feed drills, large drills for construction, air clutch assembly tools, DC electric tools, fixture mounted transducer controlled tools, current control smart tools, battery tools, tappers, and just about any industrial or assembly tool brand available.

Brands We Service