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Fluid Connectors

We offer an extensive array of fluid connector solutions that are coupled with industry expertise that spans decades. Shop our large-scale selections of fluid connector adapters, brass & DOT fittings, clamps, composite fittings, hydraulic hoses & hose ends, industrial hose products, steel tubing, tube fittings, quick couplings, seals, equipment & tools, accessories, and more.

What is Fluid Power?

Fluid power surpasses traditional power-transmission technologies with its unparalleled power density. Embracing two fundamental categories, hydraulic systems use the force of liquids like water and oil, while pneumatic systems use the energy of compressed gases such as air. This distinction emphasizes the versatility and efficiency that fluid power brings to diverse applications, setting it apart as a dynamic and superior force in modern engineering.

What Are Fluid Connectors and How Do They Work?

Fluid connectors are essential elements in fluid power systems, serving the crucial function of establishing reliable and secure connections for the transmission of liquids or gases. These connectors include a diverse range of components such as fittings, couplings, and adapters that facilitate the seamless integration of various elements within a fluid system. Operating on the principles of sealing and coupling, fluid connectors ensure leak-free connections while allowing for the easy assembly and disassembly of components during maintenance or system modifications. The design of fluid connectors caters to diverse applications, adapting to the specific requirements of hydraulic, pneumatic, or other fluid systems. By creating airtight or watertight seals, fluid connectors contribute to the overall efficiency, reliability, and safety of fluid power systems, enabling precise control over the movement, pressure, and direction of hydraulic or pneumatic fluids within industrial machinery and equipment.

Step Up Your Operations with Parker Hannifin Fluid Connectors

Parker Hannifin fluid connectors are recognized as industry pacesetters, setting the standard for excellence in fluid power systems. Offering a comprehensive range of components such as fittings, couplings, and adapters, Parker Hannifin's fluid connectors stand out for their exceptional quality, reliability, and innovative design. Crafted with precision and using high-grade materials, these connectors ensure leak-free and secure connections critical for the optimal functioning of hydraulic, pneumatic, and other fluid systems. What distinguishes Parker Hannifin is not only their commitment to cutting-edge technology but also their ability to provide tailored solutions for diverse industrial applications. Known for durability, ease of installation, and superior performance, Parker Hannifin fluid connectors have earned a reputation as the preferred choice for industries seeking top-tier solutions that guarantee efficiency, longevity, and safety in their fluid power systems.

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Working in conjunction with fluid system connectors like hoses, tubing, and fittings, Parker Hannifin fluid connector accessories serve a vital role in optimizing the functionality, reliability, and safety of fluid handling systems. These accessories help secure connections, enable compatibility, facilitate maintenance, and provide real-time monitoring of fluid parameters for various applications. Whether it's ensuring secure and organized hose storage, enabling rapid connection and disconnection, or maintaining optimal fluid pressure and temperature levels, we offer a range of Parker Hannifin fluid connector accessories to enhance the efficiency and performance of your fluid handling systems across various industries.

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Parker Hannifin adapters are essential components designed to facilitate seamless connections between different types or sizes of fluid connectors within fluid handling systems. These adapters serve as intermediary fittings, allowing for compatibility and flexibility in configuring fluid transfer setups. By enabling the transition between various thread sizes, end types, or connection styles, fluid connector adapters ensure efficient integration and assembly of fluid components. We offer a range of Parker Hannifin adapters that allow you to convert between metric and imperial measurements, transition from one thread type to another, or adapt between different hose or tubing sizes in order to optimize the functionality and versatility of your fluid handling systems.

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Brass & DOT

Where durability, reliability, and compliance with regulatory standards are crucial, Parker Hannifin brass and DOT fittings are integral components for applications in fluid handling systems. Brass fittings offer exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for demanding environments and applications requiring high-pressure fluid transfer. DOT (Department of Transportation approved) fittings are specifically designed and certified to meet stringent safety and performance standards mandated for use in automotive and transportation applications, ensuring reliable and leak-free connections in critical fluid systems. Whether it's in industrial settings or automotive applications, we have a range of Parker Hannifin brass and DOT fittings to provide robust solutions for your fluid transfer needs while adhering to industry standards and regulations.

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Parker Hannifin fluid connector clamps are essential components that securely hold hoses and tubing in place within fluid handling systems, preventing movement, vibration, or misalignment that could lead to leaks or damage. By providing reliable support and fixation, clamps ensure the integrity and stability of fluid transfer lines, enhancing the safety, efficiency, and longevity of fluid handling systems across diverse industrial sectors. We offer a rang of Parker Hannifin clamps in various designs and materials to accommodate your different hose or tubing sizes, shapes, and application requirements.

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Designed to provide reliable and leak-free connections between hoses, tubing, and other fluid components, even in harsh operating environments, Parker Hannifin composite fittings are specialized components engineered for fluid handling systems requiring lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable solutions. These composite fittings are constructed from advanced materials such as fiberglass-reinforced nylon or thermoplastic, offering exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and impact. We offer a range of Parker Hannifin composite fittings to contribute to the efficiency, reliability, and safety of your fluid handling systems across various industries, including aerospace, automotive, marine, and industrial applications, where weight savings and performance are critical considerations.

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Equipment & Tools (Crimp, Flange, & Bend)

Parker Hannifin fluid connector equipment and tools encompass a range of specialized machinery and devices designed to facilitate the assembly, installation, and maintenance of fluid handling systems. These tools include crimping machines, flange assembly equipment, and bending machines, each serving a specific purpose in the construction and modification of hoses, tubing, and fittings. We offer a range of Parker Hannifin crimpers, flange assembly equipment, and bending systems to provide you with efficient and precise solutions for fluid connector assembly and fabrication, contributing to the reliability, performance, and longevity of your fluid handling systems.

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Hydraulic Hose

Serving as conduits for the transmission of pressurized hydraulic fluid between various hydraulic components such as pumps, cylinders, valves, and actuators, Parker Hannifin hydraulic hoses are essential components for your hydraulic systems. These hoses are engineered to withstand high-pressure conditions, abrasion, and extreme temperatures commonly encountered in hydraulic applications. Constructed from durable materials such as synthetic rubber or thermoplastics reinforced with braided or spiral-wound layers of steel wire, we offer a range of Parker Hannifin hydraulic hoses and hose assemblies in our ParkerStore to provide you with reliable and leak-free fluid transfer, ensuring the efficient operation and performance of hydraulic machinery and equipment across industries such as construction, agriculture, mining, and aerospace.

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Hydraulic Hose Ends

Parker Hannifin hydraulic hose ends are critical components that facilitate secure and leak-free connections between hydraulic hoses and various hydraulic system components across a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation. These hose ends, also known as hose fittings or couplings, come in a variety of designs and configurations to accommodate your different hose types, sizes, and application requirements. Engineered to provide a tight seal and withstand high-pressure conditions, they ensure reliable fluid transfer within hydraulic systems. Whether it's attaching hoses to pumps, cylinders, valves, or other hydraulic components, we have a range of Parker Hannifin hydraulic hose ends in-stock to help you maintain the integrity and performance of your hydraulic systems.

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Quick Couplings

Parker Hannifin quick couplings are designed to provide rapid and secure connections between hoses, tubing, and other fluid components in your fluid handling systems. These couplers allow for fast and efficient assembly, disassembly with quick disconnects, and interchangeability of fluid transfer lines, minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity in various industrial applications. With a range of designs and configurations to accommodate different fluid types, pressures, and connection methods, Parker Hannifin quick couplings ensure reliable and leak-free connections while providing convenience and ease of use. Whether it's in hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, or fluid transfer applications, we offer a range of Parker Hannifin quick couplings that play a crucial role in optimizing the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your fluid handling processes across industries such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and transportation.

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Parker Hannifin fluid connector seals ensure leak-free connections in fluid handling systems. These seals, also known as O-rings or gaskets, are used to create a tight and reliable seal between mating surfaces of fluid connectors such as fittings, valves, and hoses. By preventing fluid leakage, seals help maintain system integrity, prevent contamination, and ensure the efficient and safe operation of fluid handling systems. With a wide range of materials, sizes, and configurations available, we stock Parker Hannifin seals designed to withstand various operating conditions such as high pressures, temperatures, and chemical exposure, providing reliable sealing solutions for your diverse industrial applications across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and more.

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Steel Tubing

Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) take mechanical power from an external source, such as an electric motor or engine, and convert it into hydraulic power by pressurizing hydraulic fluid. This pressurized fluid is then directed through hydraulic lines to various hydraulic actuators, such as cylinders or motors, to perform mechanical work, such as lifting, pushing, pulling, or rotating heavy loads. We design and build systems to operate with a variety of fluids to meet your specific needs. In order to help reduce installation and start-up time when they arrive at your location, we test each unit in-house before shipment to ensure that the power system functions as designed.

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Tube Fittings

Parker Hannifin tube fittings create secure and reliable connections between tubing or hoses and other fluid components such as valves, pumps, and manifolds. These fittings come in a variety of designs, including compression, flare, JIC or SAE, NPT, ORFS, and push-to-connect fittings, offering versatility to accommodate your different tubing materials, sizes, and application requirements. Parker Hannifin tube fittings provide leak-free connections, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of fluid transfer within hydraulic, pneumatic, and other fluid handling systems across diverse industries. Whether it's in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, or oil and gas applications, we offer a range of Parker Hannifin stainless steel tube fittings that will play a crucial role in maintaining your system performance, reliability, and safety.

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Leveraging Our Fluid Connector Solutions to Empower Your Operations

Hyspeco is a Full-Service Fluid Power Industrial Distributor.

Hyspeco is a Full-Service Fluid Power Industrial Distributor. Parker Hannifin, the largest fluid power manufacturer in the world, designates Hyspeco as a Tri-Technology distributor, showing that we are Best in Class as a Parker Full Line Hydraulic Technology Center, Pneumatic Technology Center Tier 1, and Fluid Connector Technology Specialists. Our goal is to become your trusted advisor when it comes to Fluid Power, and to assist you in applying and supporting the products we sell.

As a certified Parker Fluid Connectors Technology Center, Hyspeco delivers expertise across the complete line of Parker Fluid Connector products, including Hoses and Industrial Hoses, Quick Couplings, Adapters, Clamps, Tube Fitting, and Parflex product lines. 

As a Parker Hannifin distributor, we know that Parker hose assemblies offer confidence, ease, and reliability in convenient and popular configurations for common transfer applications. With the most comprehensive range of hydraulic hose assemblies in the market, we have the capability to efficiently meet all of our customers' needs. Our hose assembly solutions offer exceptional chemical compatibility and moisture resistance, and can handle high pressures and temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in extreme operating conditions.

At Hyspeco, we offer an On-Site Hose Crimping Equipment Loan Program where you can get a Parker hose crimper to build hydraulic hose assemblies. A hose crimper offers several solutions that can help meet your business productivity demands, reduce costs, and promote employee performance. This program will consolidate inventory, reduce downtime, and save time and money. Hyspeco offers a value calculation to verify the true value of this service.

Producing over 130,000 hoses a year, we are your expert go-to source for hose assemblies.

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With quality and cost efficiency in mind, our fabrication teams work diligently to assemble components and systems to fit your exact needs.

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Built with rising professionals in mind, our training curriculum provides the standard principles of hydraulics to students. 

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Machine downtime can be costly, which is why we pride ourselves on the logistical ability to make sure your machinery is up and running as soon as possible.

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Knowledgeable in almost every aspect of Hydraulic/Pneumatic equipment, our consulting services are available for any fluid power situation.

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Our VMI specialists assist in building an inventory stock out system that's proven to reduce on-hand inventory and company overhead.

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Having the local support and knowledge of Hyspeco has been extremely valuable to our company's maintained performance and operation. Knowing there is someone that can come on-site and help troubleshoot and determine the best solution to maintain and restore our equipment, along with the training and information provided, is priceless.


We at American Pulverizer have had great success with Hyspeco as a supplier of cylinders, power units, and technical expertise for over 20 years. They are an asset when dealing with unknowns associated with the start ups of our shredding systems and have always gone beyond the call of duty to get our end users up and operating. Our sales, engineering, and field service people have complete confidence in their workmanship and expertise.


Fluid Connectors