Tools & Material Handling Services

Hyspeco’s tool division is pleased to provide for our customers “best-in-class” products and services. Our vision is to earn partners for life! How do we do this? By getting to know our customers well and providing the best possible solutions for every requirement.

We are a full-service provider for both our tool and overhead lifting businesses. Some of the services provided include application assistance, plant demonstrations, integration, special tools, repair services, training, and clicker and rotary tool calibration services.

Our shop uses the ISO6789 and ISO5393 calibration methods; these methods provide the highest-level six-sigma testing available. We are also an authorized warranty repair center for Ingersoll Rand tools/hoists and Stanley Assembly Technologies.

Hyspeco provides repair service for tools and hoists in our St. Louis, MO and Wichita, KS location.

Ingersoll Rand is our largest partner, and they provide the most comprehensive line of products:

  • Impact Wrenches
  • Drill Motors
  • Chippers
  • Air & Electric Hoists
  • Pulse Tools
  • Special Motors
  • Paving Breakers
  • Zimmerman Balancers
  • Standard Care Tools
  • Auto Feed Drills
  • Rock Drills
  • Jib Booms
  • Grinders & Sanders
  • Rammers
  • DC Electric Tools & Controllers
  • Overhead Bridge & Rail Systems
  • Routers
  • Scalers
  • QX Series Connect Tools & Controllers
  • High Capacity Hoists & Winches

  • Hyspeco provides Stanley Assembly Technologies for our custom assembly business. Stanley has a systems group located in Detroit, MI. This partner provides custom engineered solutions and special tools, articulated arms, Industry 4.0 Integration, installation, and support.

    We also provide many options for our customers for their in-plant calibration requirements. Based on the customers application, we provide NORBAR high torque gear box tools, Ingersoll Rand high torque QXM tools, Sturdevant Richmont in plant data collection tools, Crane Electronics torque stars and torque carts, Mountz Torque Tools, Desoutter system wrenches and torque carts, Ingersoll Rand IQCTT torque testers, and Tohnichi Torque Tools.

    Hyspeco also offers hoist and balancer inspections and load testing services. Our technicians are crane certified to NACB standards for overhead cranes. We also provide load testing to 2 tons capacity. We are a provider of overhead lifting products including overhead cranes from UESCO, bridge and rail systems, custom handling devices from both Ingersoll Rand and Gorbel. Additional products provided include fall arrest equipment, jib booms, overhead bridge and rail system, hoists, balancers, and custom handling devices.

    Additional products offered for in-plant applications include UNEX rolling racks, shelving systems, gravity conveyors and carts; COGAN mezzanines, cantilever racks, rack guard, guard rail and wire partitions, EBTECH in-plant buildings, blast and ballistic structures, clean rooms, and guard shacks; Mid States carts, hoppers, and wagons; Quantum storage lockers and parts totes; Mighty Line floor striping products and REFRESH fans.

    Hyspeco provides inventory solutions. Some of the most requested items we are stocking include data collection system wrenches, standard click wrenches, retightening system wrenches, I R QX series tools and QCXD controllers, QXX high torque tools, air screwdrivers and nut-setters, Stanley Assembly Technologies DC Tools and QB series controllers, Stanley battery transducer control tools, air and electric hoists, air and battery impact wrenches, and standard care tools.

    Please contact us for more information about Hyspeco Tools, or if you would like us to come visit your facility. We look forward to working with you on your plant requirements.

    New Tool Calibration Lab and Training Room in our Kansas City Location